This Is How To Keep Your Laptop Battery Durable

Laptop batteries are not strong against extreme temperatures (too cold / too hot). Because the acid in the battery is very sensitive. If given the temperature is too hot the battery can easily explode and be damaged. If this happened, you can bring your laptop to Computer Repair Anchorage.

Then, don’t recharge your laptop battery too often. This is the most influential factor in battery damage. All batteries have a cycle of charging, and that cycle rotates every time we charge the battery. When we charge a lost battery 1 cycle, generally on a laptop battery there are 1000 cycles that can last up to 1 year after that the resistance will be reduced. It is recommended to charge if the laptop battery is already weak for example 10%. if the laptop battery is still 98% and charged it just throws away the battery cycle.

Finally, don’t leave the laptop battery in an empty state. If only the battery is left idle when it is empty this will only shorten the life of the battery. Because the contents of the battery will be wasted, and its resistance will be reduced.

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