This Film Tells Characters Who Do Social Distance

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic prompted the government to suggest that people do the social distance. The social distance itself is maintaining distance from social groups, it can also mean staying away from the crowd. Now in the film, there are several characters who experience or undergo social distance. You can read more here.

The Woman In The Window (2020)
he Woman In The Window, starring Amy Adams. The main character in this film clearly does social distance. It tells the story of Anna Fox, an agoraphobic person, who lived alone in a New York apartment until one day witnessed something terrible through his window. This film aired in theaters in May 2020.

The Invisible Man (2020)
Furthermore, the characters who do social distance are in the movie The Invisible Man. Cecilia’s character who managed to escape from an abusive husband and regulator also lived uneasily. He was afraid to leave the house so he closed himself and lived in the house of old friends so that the husband could not find it.

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