Recognize 5 Types Of Deck Material Before Choosing A Skateboard

If a child wants to learn to skateboard, you can give them a comfortable kids longboard to use or practice when the child is learning to play it. However, before deciding directly to buy a board, it helps you to know in advance the various types of materials commonly used. This is important so that you are not wrong in buying boards.

1. Maple wood
Deck material with maple wood is one of the most commonly used. The use of maple wood itself is done because this type of wood has a very strong resistance and is resistant to impact. Besides, this type of wood is also famous for not being too heavy. The average wood used to make skateboards is between 60 and 80 years old.

2. Aluminum
Aluminum deck material today may not be as popular as boards that use maple wood. Previously, aluminum was only used for making trucks, the part that connects the wheels and decks. Now, aluminum boards have also begun to be found on the streets and skateboard shops. This is because aluminum material is lightweight and can be recycled.

3. Nylon
Compared to Aluminum, the use of nylon material for skateboards is relatively newer. The idea of making a board using nylon itself arose because of the accumulation of nylon waste in the ocean. The basic ingredients of this skateboard used to be fishing nets that became waste on the coastline of Chile. Even so, the use of nylon for skateboarding is still not very popular.

4. Bamboo
Lately, boards that use bamboo as a deck material are increasingly eyeing skateboarders. This is because it turns out that bamboo fiber can provide durability and flexibility compared to other boards.

Bamboo also offers lightweight boards, and this is a similar advantage offered by maple wood. In some products, bamboo can even be combined with maple wood.

5. Acrylic for custom skateboards
This type of board did not attract the attention of skateboard manufacturers for mass sales. What’s more, the use of acrylic for skateboards has also not proven its safety for users.

By knowing the deck material used in skateboards, you will no longer be wrong in determining the right board. Even so, one of the most important is of course choosing a board made of safe material.

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