Discipline Is The Key In English Test Preparation

A b1 test is one of the requirements needed if you are applying for UK citizenship. You also need to do the b1 test booking 3 days in advance so this requirement surely needed time to be prepared. Many are nervous about the test. You can also practice independently by working on questions in practice books and downloading them from the internet. However, it is recommended to take a course to get better results because we can ask more from the instructor and preparation is even more scheduled. Besides, we can find out more about the chosen institution as an official provider of the test preparation courses because later it will also be given special material, such as ways to do the questions in each part of the exam.

Try to learn with discipline. No one can achieve good results without making the maximum effort. Based on the experience of the scholarship recipient, at least allocate a minimum of one hour every day to practice English language skills so that they can pass the test with satisfactory grades. Listening is one part of the English test. This part will be difficult if we are not familiar with the English accent used by the speaker in a conversation so that we cannot grasp the meaning of the conversation. One way to learn to listen to conversations in English is through song lyrics and movie subtitles. It can help practice the ability to understand the accent and content of a conversation, visit britishlifeskills.com/b1-english-test/.

Read the question before listening to the conversation. Reading the list of questions in the question sheet first gives us an estimate of the content of the conversation and the topic of discussion to be discussed. Thus, we can more quickly think and get the right answer according to the conversation. Confidence and not monotonous. The speaking test is one part of the exam. The key to success in this exam is confidence. Give a smile and talk not monotonous when answering every question asked. For example, when we are asked about a place to live, don’t just mention one or two words, but develop your answer in sentences. Adding variations of vocabulary will also make the answers delivered sound more interesting.