Caring For Drinking Bottles Always Clean And Durable

A custom Nalgenes bottle is one of the equipment that is often used by children to bring their drinks. The bottle is usually a safe or lightweight plastic or stainless steel container to carry around. Maintaining clean drinking bottles is the main thing to note. If the drinking bottle is always clean, then the condition will always last if treated in the right way. In this case, the role of the mother is very important because the mother is the person who more often prepares equipment for her child.

Each type of material used in making various equipment has different treatment methods. Similarly, drinking bottles made of plastic and stainless steel. You must be observant in caring for drinking bottles because this relates to the level of cleanliness and durability of the use of drinking bottles. Considering that drinking bottles are important equipment in storing our drinking water supplies, then the right way is needed to treat them. Here are tips on how to take care of drinking bottles so they are always clean and durable:

Avoid Wrong Treatments
The wrong way to treat your drinking bottle can damage the appliance or even the contents of the drinking water put in it. Even germs can stick to drinking bottles that are not really cared for or cleaned properly. Therefore, be careful in caring for drinking bottles, especially your children’s drinking bottles, so they can continue to be used and are always clean.

Clean Drinking Bottles Using Hands
Drinking bottles must always be cleaned, both before and after use. Sometimes, we clean drinking bottles using a brush or sponge that has a rough texture. It should be avoided because it will damage your drinking bottle so it cannot be used anymore. Clean your drinking bottles directly using your hands without using any tools that can damage the drinking bottles.

Wash Drinking Bottles Properly
So that your drinking bottle is always sterile, then use the right and proper way to clean it. The trick is to put warm water into a drinking bottle until it is full when washing it. Close the drinking bottle and leave it for a few minutes to get rid of the bacteria contained in it, then open the lid of the drinking bottle and remove the warm water

Refill the bottle using warm water mixed with cleansing soap. Close the drinking bottle and shake it to rub it using your hands. If you cannot reach the inside, you can use a brush with a soft bristle texture.

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